Bolivia Attestation Service

We provide service including Legalization, Attestation for Vietnam documents to use in Bolivia.

We provide a complete attestation service for 'personal' and 'business’ documents, including notarized certification, Vietnam Legalization and Bolivia Embassy stamps.

Attesting Personal Documents?

Personal documents from Vietnam for use in Bolivia require the Legalization from MOFA (Ministry of Vietnam Foreign Affair) and the attestation through the Embassy of Bolivia. Some types of documents can be authenticated directly on the original. Some must be done on the certified true copies or the translated and notarized copies.

We can legalize personal documents for use in Bolivia such as: Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Certificate, Marriage Status Confirmation, Family Household Book, Citizen Identification, Degree, Certificates, Academic transcripts, High school report, and other personal documents.

Attesting Business Documents?

Conducting business in the Bolivia often requires getting your company documents attested with the embassy. Using our Bolivia legalization service makes the process simple. We include the legalization, embassy attestation and administration fees in our charges.

Vietnam businesses usually need legalization or attestation for documents at Bolivia Embassy such as: Certificate of incorporation, Certificate of changing company name, Memorandum, Regulations, Business Registration Certificate, Decisions, Reports, Tax Declaration, Invoice, Contracts, Licenses, Agreements, Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Free Sales, Audit reports, Custom Declaration…

What does Bolivia attestation look like?

Any Vietnam documents being legalized for use in Bolivia will need both the legalization and Bolivia embassy stamps.

The legalized stamp is normally on the back of the legalized documents. On the stamp, all information is presented such as: name and signature of the consulate/ ambassador; content and date of legalization