How can I pay for my order?

We accept payment by cash or bank transfer. Normally you need to pay 50% when we receive documents. The remaining 50% must be paid when we finish the service and send you the scanned version; of course, before we deliver Original documents to you.

Can we courier documents to an overseas address?

Yes. Legalization.vn has received a lot of documents from individuals, organizations and businesses in Vietnam and abroad. After the documents are completed, we will courier them to address overseas on your request. Please specify the address to be informed the correct delivery fee. Our quote on consular legalization, embassy attestation fees always DOES NOT INCLUDE international delivery costs.

Can we notarize documents/certificates via legalization.vn ???

We can notarize or attest to your documents and certificates, but cannot witness to your Power of Attorney, contract, signature, because those are the authority of the Notary Public. Yet, we can refer you some prestigious Notary Public for paperwork. Then, you can get back to us for consular legalization, embassy attestation if needed.

Can you send scanned version to me after documents are completed?

Of course, we will send you a scanned copy to inform that documents have been completed. Please confirm the correct address to receive mail and pay the remaining fees so we can return the Original to you.

How long does consular legalization and attestation process?

This depends on the type of your document; the country you need to use the document and the nation that issued your document. Each paper will be checked and informed with exact information when we receive the scan by email. The fastest duration is 3 working days, and the longest paperwork is 6-8 weeks.