We provide Consular Legalization, Embassy Attestation Services

Generally, we provide consular legalization and embassy attestation of documents/certificates for individuals, organizations and businesses. However, those are not all we do! We can translate and notarize your certificates and documents from Vietnamese into foreign languages and vice versa. At the same time, we can assist you to receive documents in any country as your request.

Consular Legalization

For documents, certificates issued from Vietnam to be used overseas. For documents, certificates from abroad to be used in Vietnam.

Apostille Certified

Getting Apostille certified for all documents from countries, which are the member of Hague Convention.

Embassy Attestation

Work with embassies or consulates of the nation that you need to use Documents to certify.

Notarization/ Document Translation

Notarize documents, or Notarize translations of documents. Translate from Vietnamese into all languages.


We have provided consular legalization services, embassy attestation from 2008 to the present, and have extensive experience to advise and assist with handling most of all Vietnamese documents. Your documents/certificates may need to use abroad as well as your foreign documents need to be used in Vietnam or the third country.

To order Consular legalization, embassy attestation service, you only need to fill out the order form, send scanned documents/certificates to our email address for checking and quotation. And then, deliver the required documents to our mailing address. We will arrange for your documents /certificates to be consular legalized, embassy attested accurately before returning documents to you.