I’ve just receive the documents and thank you for your work. These are very impressive and I’m very happy with your work. Also, thank you for the explanation letter. I hope these will work out.
Mr. Sam - Japanese
Thank you for your help and I’m definitely sure that I wouldn’t be able to make it without your help. Again thank you for your huge help and concerns. If there’s any chance to visit to Hanoi, I’ll be headed to your office to say thanks in face to face.
Mr. Daichi - Japanese
Thanks for your work. All is ok. Documents 're already in the embassy . Because of the busy schedule in the UAE, I could not return to Vietnam to process documents. Thank you for the service you did very thoughtful.
Mr. Xenofon - Greek
Your service is really helpful. We did not need to fly from the UAE to Vietnam to legalize my daughter's Transcript. You were also on time and delivered our documents to the UAE safely. Thanks in advanced!
Mr. Renat Gabidullin - Russian
Thank you for all your help, I will make sure to recommended you.
Matthew - American
Thank you very much for your service and help! I apologize if I could seem angry or ungrateful. It is not so, just emotions because of very difficult situation we have never been before. But actually I'm very thankful for you work and want to leave a good feedback about you. Just tell me where to do it. Thank you!
Mr. Pavel - Russian