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We will make certificates/documents of individuals, organizations and businesses be legalized, consular certified and make it Easy, Fast, Accurate, Safe Saving when you use the service of

You are required to obtain consular legalization, consular certification but do not know what to do. Please contact and use our service at for the best support.

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Document Legalization Services is a website built and managed by, a website that provides consular legalization and authentication services to support individuals, businesses and organizations. Clients may bring certificates/documents issued in Vietnam for use abroad or bring certificates/documents issued aboard for use in Vietnam or take them for use in the third country. provides full consular legalization services for all Vietnamese certificates/documents at most of embassies in Vietnam and Vietnamese embassies aboard.

This may be the first time you have ever heard the terms "Consular legalization", "Consular certification". But this is mandatory if your individual, business or organization doing business with other individuals, businesses or organizations outside the territory of Vietnam related to the official documents. Consular legalization and consular certification are essential for business, legal and personal matters. The most common requirements for consular legalization, consular certification are marriage, divorce with foreigners; birth registration; settlement; study abroad; work or teaching abroad; purchase real estate; business transactions; export; import; investment; trademark registration.

This website is designed to assist individuals, businesses and organizations to proceed consular legalization, consular certification from the government and foreign diplomatic agencies in an accurate, safe and confidential manner. It also provides an effective information for individuals, organizations and businesses to refer. Do not hesitate to contact us at hotline +84 966 37 35 32 or phone +84 243 56 26 100 for the best support. You can also view our full contact details here.

Expertise services

Expert Service

We can provide consular legalization services, consular certification for most of all documents and certificates issued from Vietnam and other countries.

The process of consular legalization, consular certification is different depending on the type of documents: personal documents; organizations; businesses. Moreover, depending on the purpose of using documents, where the certificates to be used, there will be different procedures. The core of our service is to ensure your documents and certificates are proceed consular legalization, consular certification exactly, in accordance with the needs and purposes of using your papers in the nation you want.

We have provided consular legalization services, consular certification from 2008 to the present, and have extensive experience to advise and support with handling documents. All we can do for documents/certificates using abroad as well as foreign certificates/documents using in Vietnam or the third country.

Consular Legalization

For documents, certificates issued from Vietnam to be used overseas. For documents, certificates from abroad to be used in Vietnam.

Apostille Certified

Getting Apostille certified for all documents from countries, which are the member of Hague Convention.

Embassy Attestation

Work with embassies or consulates of the nation that you need to use Documents to certify.

Notarization/ Document Translation

Notarize documents, or Notarize translations of documents. Translate from Vietnamese into all languages.

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Most certificates and documents are consular legalized with only 2-3 working days. As soon as documents and papers arrive at our office, we begin to check, confirm and process your order. All documents and certificates are processed by our team to make it quick and safe. If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page or contact us for specific advice.

Only 3 steps to book the service, your documents will be completed.

  1. Send emails and attach scanned certificates/ documents that need consular legalization and clearly indicate your requirements: In which countries should the papers/documents be used? We will check papers/documents and send quotes with details information.
  2. Send your required documents to our office then pay to proceed service.
  3. Your papers and documents will be made Consular legalization, consular certification quickly and accurately. All done, we will return documents to you upon request.

We pride on our outstanding strengths and superior customer service. Your phone calls are answered by one of our consultants. We are ready to answer all your questions and provide updated information on your order. With over 10 years of experience, we know how to handle your documents and give you the best advice on consular legalization, consular certification, and documents. Please contact us by phone or email for the best support.

How can I pay for my order?

We accept payment by cash or bank transfer. Normally you need to pay 50% when we receive documents. The remaining 50% must be paid when we finish the service and send you the scanned version; of course, before we deliver Original documents to you.

Can you send scanned version to me after documents are completed?

Of course, we will send you a scanned copy to inform that documents have been completed. Please confirm the correct address to receive mail and pay the remaining fees so we can return the Original to you.

Can we courier documents to an overseas address?

Yes. has received a lot of documents from individuals, organizations and businesses in Vietnam and abroad. After the documents are completed, we will courier them to address overseas on your request. Please specify the address to be informed the correct delivery fee. Our quote on consular legalization, embassy attestation fees always DOES NOT INCLUDE international delivery costs.
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We certify consular documents and certificates at many embassies such as and many other embassies

Thousands of documents and certificates have been consular legalized and certified for use in hundreds of different countries each year reliably and professionally.

India , Argentina , Australia , Portugal , Belgium , Taiwan , Cambodia , Brazil , Finland , Denmark , Greece , Hong Kong , Italia , Laos , United States of America (USA) , Malaysia , Panama , Japan , France , Philippines , Germany , Singapore , Turkey , Unites Arab Emirates , China , Ukraine , Bolivia , Indonesia , South Korea , Canada , British Virgin Islands (BVI) , South Africa , Malta , Ireland , Uzbekistan , Nigeria , United Kingdom (UK) , Russia , Switzerland , New Zealand , Samoa , Sweden , Thailand , Estonia , Netherlands , Lithuania (Litva) , Norway
We get Apostille, Legalization and Authentication for documents from and a lot of other countries around the world

Hundred of documents from countries around the world be gotten Apostille, legalization, authentication for use in Vietnam or other country as client requirements. Believe in our professional services.

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