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Consular Certification of Egyptian Embassy

Legalization.vn provides consultancy services, apply for Consular Legalization, Consular Certification of Vietnamese documents to be used in Egypt - Egyptian Embassy Certification.

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Egypt and Vietnam are not members of the Hague Convention member list. Therefore, papers and documents issued by Vietnam that want to be used in Egypt or another country in the world must be consularly legalized and consularly certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam (Consular Department). Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Ho Chi Minh City Department of Foreign Affairs) and diplomatic representations of Egypt (Egyptian Embassy) and all other countries in the world, including countries that are members or countries that are not members of the Hague Convention

Legalization.vn (Vietnam-legal.com) provides consulting services for consular legalization and complete consular certification to use Vietnamese documents in Egypt and all countries around the world. gender. Call us immediately at +84 988 297 732, +84 966 37 35 32 or email to [email protected], [email protected] and attach scanned copies of Vietnamese documents that need to be consular legalization and consular certification. Legalization.vn (Vietnam-legal.com) will evaluate and advise you as soon as possible.

List of Vietnamese papers and documents, Legalization.vn to consult, apply for consular legalization and consular certification for use in Egypt and other countries around the world:

Personal Documents

Corporate Documents

• Birth certificate

• Certificate of marriage

• Divorce certificate

• Certificate of marital status (confirming single)

• Death Certificate

• Court documents

• Judicial Records

• Degree

• Academic transcript

• Certificate of establishment

• Name change certificate

• Business registration certificate

• Certificate of product circulation

The results of consular certification and consular legalization of Vietnamese documents used in Egypt with the final certification stamp and seal of the Egyptian Embassy ensure that Vietnamese documents will be legally used with full legal validity in Egypt and the requirements of relevant authorities in this country.

If you need to use Vietnamese documents in Egypt, please contact us via +84 988 297 732, +84 966 37 35 32 or email to [email protected], [email protected] to get the best advice.