Legalization Result of Vietnamese Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for use in Iraq on 14.01.2020

Feb 03, 2020 thuy.nguyen

We provide Consular Attestation services for Vietnamese personal / company documents for use in Iraq.

For Vietnamese papers and documents in the food industry for use in Iraq , please prepare all the documents listed below. If you only want to do 1-2 papers, you must also provide the following set:

1. Certificate of Original (C/O)

2. Packing list

3. Commercial Invoice

4. Bill of Lading

5. Certificate of Conformity / Inspection Certificate from either One of this companies which is under the embassy's panel:

a. Bureau Veritas

b. TUV Rheinland

c. Cotecna

d. Baltic Control

6. Health Certifcate

* All the above documents must be originals

* All documents must have a Commercial invoice number in it

* All these documents must be certified by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) before being transferred to us for consular legalization and certification.

For more information, please contact us for the best support.