Attestation result of documents issued in Vietnam (High School Report) for use in Austria on 16.1.2023

Jan 18, 2023 legalization

The result of the Austrian Embassy's consular certification for Vietnamese papers and documents (High School Report) used in Austria is a consular certification stamp of the Austrian Embassy, ensuring that Vietnamese papers and documents will be legally used with full legal validity in Austria at the request of relevant agencies. provides consultancy services, apply for consular certification of the Austrian Embassy – Consular legalization of papers and documents issued from Vietnam for use in Austria.

Normally, in order to obtain a consular certification of the Austrian Embassy, you need to come to our office with the following documents:

1. Original papers and documents that need Apostille, Consular legalization, consular certification (Scanned copy, please contact).

2. Scan the passport or business license of the owner of the papers and documents

If you are looking for or need to apply for certification of Austrian documents, please contact us immediately via +84 988 297 732, +84 966 37 35 32 or email to [email protected], [email protected] to get the best advice.