Egypt Attestation Service

Documents for Egypt require the Legalization from MOFA (Ministry of Vietnam Foreign Affair) and the attestation through the Egypt embassy.

We provide a complete attestation service for ‘business’ documents. Includes notarized certification, Vietnam Legalization and Egypt Embassy stamps.

Attesting Business or Corporate Documents?

Conducting business in Egypt often requires getting your company documents attested with the embassy.

Using our Egypt legalization service makes the process simple. We include the legalization, embassy attestation and administration fees in our charges. We offer a 'one stop' solution for businesses working in the Egypt.

Company documents normally need to be certified by VCCI before we can submit them for legalization and attestation. When possible, we arrange for your documents to be checked and certified by one of our notary public to save you time and money.

Processing time 8 working days for most orders. Corporate documents and business documents for Egypt such as:

Free Sale Docs, Certificate of Origin, Commercial invoice, Parking list, .......

What does Egypt attestation look like?

Any Vietnam document being legalized for use in Egypt will need both the legalization and Egypt embassy stamps.

The legalized stamp is normally added to the back of documents. It is glued green and yellow stamp next to the printed text. The embassy will also sign and seal with signature of consulates or ambassador.